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The job of being a gamekeeper/stalker/ghillie usually entails living in a service occupied house (tied) which means when an individual or family move on for whatever reason (new job, changing career, leaving for health reasons, redundancy, retirement or in later life) changing housing is the most important on the "what to do and where to go" list. There are various options (all with particular challenges) and the guides below are designed to help you consider the best way forward or indeed for future planning. We hope they are helpful and we are always here to work through those options with you should you wish or put you in touch with other organisations which may be able to help.

Independent Living

When starting out in your first job, away from home, living in tied accommodation - your responsibilities and practical tips coping with living, working and managing your home and looking after yourself. and

Housing Tax liabilities

With increasing provision of housing to plan for later life in service occupied accommodation (tied) this guide outlines responsibilities for tax in buy to let and other homes by Barkers Accountants North Yorkshire.


General advice on housing, what to do and where to go when alternative accommodation is required.

Changes to private rented homes in Scotland

GWT Proposed legislation changes to private rented homes in Scotland

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