(Confidential) Jamie’s Helpline
0300 1233088

The Gamekeepers' Welfare Trust exists to support gamekeepers, stalkers and ghillies, and their dependants past and present.

The Gamekeepers’ Welfare Trust provides:-

Financial grants

for gamekeepers, stalkers and ghillies and their families in times of hardship, ill health and retirement.

Educational grants

are available for young people making gamekeeping their career- see guidelines on downloads

Confidential Helpline

with information and support on a wide variety of issues including health, retirement, redundancy, housing and employment issues but first and foremost as a confidential listening service. A variety of support is available on downloads.

Provides a job register

and ancillary services. For any issues relating to employment go to: What we do/Employment and connect straight through to our job related site:- Rural Recruits. Please note that not all positions are posted. Other information is also available on downloads.

We can be contacted at any time by phone: 01677 470180 (please do leave a message because this line can be busy) email on enquiries@thegamekeeperswelfaretrust.com or contact us by text on 07786 917498. If you want to talk to someone about anything at

all; you may be worried about your job, your relationship or just

feeling down – just call. It is confidential, free and available at any time.


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