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The Gamekeepers' Welfare Trust exists to support gamekeepers, stalkers and ghillies, and their dependants past and present.

In 2018 we launched our Raising the Game Campaign.

This was focussed on a number of initiatives we feel can help and support everyone involved in the gamekeeping profession. Outlined below and not exclusive we are committed to improving the lives of working gamekeepers and their families and those who are retired or in later life. This does not mean that someone cannot be supported if they have left the profession.

Raising the Gamr

We are working with all the major gamekeeping and conservation organisations to deliver these objectives. These are:

British Association of Shooting and Conservation

British Game Assurance

British Deer Society

Countryside Alliance

Country Land and Business Association

Game and Welfare Conservation Trust

Moorland Association

National Gamekeepers Organisation

Scottish Country Sports Association

Scottish Gamekeepers Association

Scottish Land and Estates

Following on we have been working on various initiatives and one of these was to run a survey to pinpoint the specific issues which affect gamekeepers and their families and which need further help to alleviate and actively support.

We know what these are but it requires research and evidence as in every issue we wish to address and to change if required. You may feel this is a small quantitative representation but I can assure you this is a positive response in survey terms from across the board in terms of deer, lowground and upland gamekeeping.

The Trustees and GWT team are taking this forward and acting on the results we assure you and support you all as gamekeepers, stalkers, ghillies and families, past present and future. Raise the Game Survey (3)

Mental ill Health leaflet Scotland
This leaflet is designed to help estate owners/employers and factors in Scotland who employ rural workers and who wish to understand more about the mental health of their staff, how to help and where to go.

Firearms and Mental Health Awareness and Support – Advice

A leaflet providing information on mental health support for firearms license holders has been released by the Scottish Firearms Licensing Practitioners Group.

The group is composed of organisations who represent those with shooting interests, the Scottish Government and Police Scotland.

The leaflet aims to highlight the support that is available to certificate holders and encourages people with concerns to come forward and seek help.

The organisations involved will endeavour to support certificate holders and while it may be necessary to remove guns on occasion, the police will work with certificate holders and all options will be considered.

The publication contains practical advice to both certificate holders and their close relatives and friends signposting to where help can be found.

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