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Hatfield House – The Game Fair 2019

We are setting off to the Game Fair in almost record heat but in typical “can do” attitude for everyone attending. Those of us who live and work in the countryside are used to working with nature, the weather and plan accordingly. There is a huge amount of work involved in just a few days […]


2018 Review

2018 began with sadness and tragedy, and we remember those we have lost within the Gamekeeping Community. We have risen to the challenge, coming together in “Raising the Game” to address mental health problems and make a difference. As part of this initiative we began “Stag Training”, which continues around the country in 2019, with […]


Christmas Message

Christmas night is a time of reflection after a hectic day of family celebrations or perhaps a solitary day or perhaps a working day – there are certainly always jobs to do whether feeding round, seeing to the dogs or indoors with a lunch to prepare. For the Gamekeepers’ Welfare Trust it is a time […]


Housing Facts

HELPLINE: 0300 1233088

Housing Facts 2019 (55 downloads)

Redundancy, retirement or losing your job if you have no housing provision.

Whilst it is advisable to make plans whilst in employment for any of the above eventualities it is not always possible and this fact sheet provides some suggestions of the action you can take.

Tied Accommodation

For most game keepers or allied professionals your right to accommodation is closely connected to your employment. It is known as tied accommodation and generally you are classed as service occupiers.

You are a service occupier if:

  • It is essential for you to live in the accommodation to do your job or
  • Your employment contract says it is necessary to live in the accommodation to do your job better

Rights of service occupiers

If your employer wants to end your employment and therefore your occupancy they must give you reasonable notice. Your contract of employment should identify how much notice to vacate will be given to leave your home in the case of dismissal or redundancy. If this has not been formally recorded at the beginning of your employment ensure that if you are required to leave your job for any reason that you are given a clear timescale from your employer regarding vacating the property.

Your employer will normally have to apply to a court for a possession order if you do not leave when the notice expires. If you do not agree with the reasons for the end of your employment you could apply to an employment tribunal but unless you are reinstated you will not get your accommodation back.

If you are asked to leave your accommodation and are unsure of your rights you should get legal advice from a solicitor. Advisors at Citizens Advice are also very knowledgeable and the service is free.

Options for re-housing

If you are asked to leave your accommodation and are not moving to another job with tied housing arrangements the following options may be available to you:

  • Apply for social housing from the Local Authority where you are living

The council must help you if you are legally homeless or if you are threatened with homelessness. How much help you get will depend upon your circumstances. So the council must assess your situation. You may qualify for emergency rehousing whilst you and your family are being assessed. It is best initially to contact your local council by phone in order to outline your situation. They may also provide details of housing associations to whom you could apply directly. Do this as soon as you are aware that you will need to vacate your home.

  • Find privately rented accommodation

You will need to consider whether to rent from a private landlord or through a letting agency. If you are on a low income you may receive financial help through the benefits system. The quickest way to search for property is online through a property search website.

  • Become an owner occupier

You will need to provide a deposit and obtain a mortgage. Again look on line for suitable houses/flats for sale. It is always easier to obtain a mortgage if you are in work and can demonstrate that you can keep up with mortgage repayments. This is therefore a difficult option if you are not in employment.

  • Live with family or friends

This might provide you with a temporary arrangement whilst you are identifying other means of securing accommodation.

Some helpful websites

  • Shelter



Housing advice, support and legal services. Urgent helpline 0808 8004444

  • Citizens Advice


Sections ”Finding a home to rent” and “Applying for social housing” are helpful. They have local centres.

For properties to buy and rent and estate agents in your area

For properties to buy and rent and estate agents in your area

Gamekeepers Welfare Trust


Look under the section on housing or call the helpline on 0300 1233088


March Newsletter 2019

Welcome to the new look monthly newsletter STAG Training Update We have received excellent feedback from the STAG training, which isdelivered on behalf of and in collaboration with the GamekeepersWelfare Trust. The course has been designed by Ex-Marines to tackledifficult issues such as leadership, communication, coping mechanismsand health and well being. The comments we have received are all […]


Raise the Game

Please complete our survey and share it with other gamekeepers, stalkers & ghillies. This is the link to the survey: https://surveyhero.com/c/6d1ce273