The Gamekeepers' Welfare Trust exists to support gamekeepers, stalkers and ghillies, and their dependants past and present.

Health & Wellbeing

Good Health and Wellbeing is important for us to function in work, in our relationships and personal lives at any age.

When something happens to change your health status, an accident, an illness or you are feeling unwell in mind or body you need to take action. Tell someone, visit your GP or take other appropriate option. Don’t ignore symptoms which may signal a problem, it may be minor but may be something more serious which needs treatment. Early intervention saves lives and saves long periods of worry and pain. It may be a cough, lump or injury for example, or it may be anxiety or worries which is getting you down.

If you have any physical health issues which are not resolved in a short period of time you should visit a chemist and ask a pharmacist, ring 111, visit your doctor or in an emergency ring 999.

The Gamekeepers’ Welfare Trust has information and fact sheets which can help and includes:

Haynes Mens Health Book, Haynes Women, Haynes Stress and Haynes MOT for the MIND. Contact us for a copy.

Fact sheets include Anxiety and Stress, Disability and Working Lives,

Your Mental Wellbeing is just as important as your Physical Wellbeing and should not be ignored.

1. ARE YOU feeling overwhelmed by worries you cannot shake off? Is this making you feel anxious or depressed? Are you finding it hard to function?


2. Talk to someone you trust. A friend or family member or a work colleague or if you feel able, your boss. Let them know you feel.


3. You can access self help information online from:

4. Or get advice and support by ringing us on Jamie’s Helpline 0300 1233088

5. If you feel you need more help, consider counselling, (either privately, through GWT or through GP services) visit your GP and have an honest conversation about how you feel.

6. If you feel as though you are at risk to yourself please ring 999 or go to A & E or ring someone you know.

There are services there to help you 24 hours.

They will listen and help. You are not alone.

We know many of you are concerned that if you seek help, your job or your guns might be at risk of being removed or license revoked?

This does not have to happen and remember, You are more important than anything else.

There are always other options.

Haynes - Gamekeeping for Life

You can read or download our Haynes Mens Health publication HERE


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