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Health and Wellbeing

Good Health and Wellbeing is important for us to function in work, in our relationships and personal lives at any age.

When something happens to change your health status, an accident, an illness or you are feeling unwell in mind or body you need to take action. Tell someone, visit your GP or take other appropriate option. Don’t ignore symptoms which may signal a problem, it may be minor but may be something more serious which needs treatment. Early intervention saves lives and saves long periods of worry and pain. It may be a cough, lump or injury for example, or it may be anxiety or worries which is getting you down.

If you have any physical or mental health issues which are not resolved in a short period of time we have a new online helpline to help you through our "Nurse Advice Clinic". Alternatively, or additionally, you can visit a chemist and ask a pharmacist, ring 111, visit your doctor or in an emergency ring 999.

Relationship Breakdown

Relationship breakdown is a difficult time for anyone. Information how to cope and practicalities involved are listed as well as other organisations who can to help.

Mental ill Health Leaflet for Employers Scotland

For Employers/Managers and Headkeepers in Scotland

Mental ill Health Leaflet - Employers England and Wales

for Employers/Managers and Headkeepers in England and Wales

Mental Health Leaflet - Scotland

For Gamekeepers and their families in Scotland

Mental Health Leaflet - England and Wales

For Gamekeepers and their families England and Wales

Loss, Grief and Bereavement

This guide aims to offer some guidance as to where help and support may be available for you if you are experiencing loss or bereavement.

Living and working with long term illness or disability

Information and help on the diagnosis of a long term illness or disability, how to adjust, your rights and available support.


A brief outline of what is dementia, various symptoms how it can affect you or your family, and where to find help.

Anxiety and Stress

We can all experience anxiety and stress at various times; this is a brief guide on symptoms and how to improve daily lives to improve feelings of stress and anxiety,

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