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Starting out through college, work experience, as a trainee/apprentice, and carrying through your career as a gamekeeper/stalker/ghillie or leaving to start another career or through self-employment, these guides are designed to help you in any situation. We are also here to talk things through and help you on the phone/email or whatever works for you. Do ask if there are any questions or we can assist you whether starting out or in employment. Whatever your concern or query we are here to help.


Planning your retirement and tips on how to manage change


Helping you through redundancy and all its consequences for you and your family, financial implications, your identity, the job, the house,

Job at Risk

Guidance on all aspects of your job if you feel you are at risk for any reason. Your rights, assistance and support.

How to be successful in gaining a gamekeeping job

Practical tips on how to source jobs, interviews and accompanying letters and c.v.

CV - Example

How to construct your c.v. to maximise your potential when seeking a job


If you are struggling with debt you are not alone, there are many in a similar situation. It is never too early or too late to seek help.

CV - How to write

Detailed help on what to do and what not to do in writing your c.v. and making the most of your potential and work history

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