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Where financial help is required, we have a wide range of support available in most situations - as a student, in working lives for training or struggling with the bills, in later life, disability, ill health, whatever it is we are here to help. Do ask before you complete the forms below so we can help you in the most appropriate way.

The Educational Grant is self-explanatory whilst the Support Grant can be adapted for any of the other options.

Education Grant Guidelines 2020

Who is eligible for grants to assist students gain access to gamekeeping and countryside management courses.

Application Assistance Form June 2020

Application for all types of grants - basic information and income and expenditure. Do ask if you are unsure and be assured information is confidential. Designed to help you not to be complicated.

Application for Educational Assistance Student

Applying for assistance in gaining a college education in gamekeeping, and countryside management. Completed forms can be sent by email or by post.

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