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The job of being a gamekeeper/stalker/ghillie usually entails living in a service occupied house (tied) which means when an individual or family move on for whatever reason (new job, changing career, leaving for health reasons, redundancy, retirement or in later life) changing housing is the most important on the "what to do and where to go" list. There are various options (all with particular challenges) and the guides below are designed to help you consider the best way forward or indeed for future planning. We hope they are helpful and we are always here to work through those options with you should you wish or put you in touch with other organisations which may be able to help.

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Starting out through college, work experience, as a trainee/apprentice, and carrying through your career as a gamekeeper/stalker/ghillie or leaving to start another career or through self-employment, these guides are designed to help you in any situation. We are also here to talk things through and help you on the phone/email or whatever works for you. Do ask if there are any questions or we can assist you whether starting out or in employment. Whatever your concern or query we are here to help.

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Where financial help is required, we have a wide range of support available in most situations - as a student, in working lives for training or struggling with the bills, in later life, disability, ill health, whatever it is we are here to help. Do ask before you complete the forms below so we can help you in the most appropriate way.

The Educational Grant is self-explanatory whilst the Support Grant can be adapted for any of the other options.

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Health and Wellbeing

Good Health and Wellbeing is important for us to function in work, in our relationships and personal lives at any age.

When something happens to change your health status, an accident, an illness or you are feeling unwell in mind or body you need to take action. Tell someone, visit your GP or take other appropriate option. Don’t ignore symptoms which may signal a problem, it may be minor but may be something more serious which needs treatment. Early intervention saves lives and saves long periods of worry and pain. It may be a cough, lump or injury for example, or it may be anxiety or worries which is getting you down.

If you have any physical or mental health issues which are not resolved in a short period of time we have a new online helpline launching shortly to help you through our "Nurse Advice Clinic". Alternatively, or additionally, you can visit a chemist and ask a pharmacist, ring 111, visit your doctor or in an emergency ring 999.

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Money Matters

Money Matters - we often don't like to talk about it, but we have to deal with it!

We know that there is concern in times of rising costs – for basics, fuel and energy to mention a few.

It is important to consider the future too, whether planning a family, moving jobs, changing jobs, redundancy and for the unexpected – ill health or redundancy for example

These self-help guides are designed to consider every aspect of your future, how to plan and what to do if things don’t work out as you would hope.

The Gamekeepers’ Welfare Trust exists to support you and your family, throughout life so never feel alone and there are other agencies to help you which are listed in the self help guides. If in doubt, or just to talk through options, contact us, we are always here.

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