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The Gamekeepers' Welfare Trust exists to support gamekeepers, stalkers and ghillies, and their dependants past and present.

Helens GWT Blogs

You will find all of Helens blogs here, with the latest being at the head of the list.

February -Heart and Head

Heart and Head February has seemingly galvanised the countryside into action! Certainly, farmers are being proactive as are many other organisations especially with an up and coming election to sway hearts and minds. Gamekeeper groups and

January 2024!

Already over half way through January and we have a winter! Snow and ice which in some places has become a rarity, and in others the usual routines kick in. For the rest of the lowground season it is largely a positive although extra feeding. For

Helen's Christmas Blog

Christmas is almost here, and most of us celebrate being together with our families, our friends, good food and time with each other. Some more than others of course but even in our daily work, on shoots, out stalking – we can celebrate what we

November 2023

As I write this message, we are experiencing more rain in North Yorkshire, but have escaped the floods which others have been suffering. Shoots are well underway, and the Red Deer Hind season has commenced. The work goes on whatever the weather as


Today 12th October, we felt our first frost and scraping of the windscreen after a prolonged period of warmer than usual conditions. It can be a relief to get “back to normal” can’t it, however that is manifested. Normality can be interpreted in


September is a favourite month for many, as the trees turn their leaves in glorious colour, the grouse season well underway and with some wind and cooler conditions which tend to lift packs after sultry and humid conditions. Lowground shoots are

Glorious Grouse

Just after my last blog we received worrying news regarding United Utilities and their arbitrary decision to withdraw shooting leases for many shoots in the Northwest. This action will directly affect gamekeeper’s jobs and many other rural


We are in the third week of July already and how it has changed from a droughty period and taking water to birds and even ourselves in some cases to a relentless period of rain which has halted harvest and caused some anxiety for poults and late
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