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Midsummer - the joys and the challenges

Well, we have had the longest day and are in for a scorcher of a week - welcome news for wildlife and consequential insect life where water is abundant and the showers over the past week or two have certainly helped.
It is still uncertain for some shooting estates, stalking estates and fishing interests however we are all doing our best to get back to some kind of normality and find a way forward wherever feasible.

The lock down restrictions are gradually easing which means family life at least can start to get back to normal too and those who live alone can feel less isolated and alone (we hope).

We have been concentrating to a large extent on alleviating that loneliness by phone calls, letters and small gifts throughout this period but are conscious this is only a plaster over a larger problem.

For those who have been directly affected by Covid-19 - we are really sorry. Loss is difficult at any time but during this period has been exacerbated and magnified. We are here for you.

For those who have been directly affected in their jobs and homes, it is incredibly difficult but I have been constantly amazed by the resilience of individuals and families. We are here to help with whatever aspect of these problems are affecting you - considering retirement, sourcing housing, mental health issues, and sourcing another job or thinking about training.

The festival held last week was not what we had hoped due to technical difficulties, other companies/organisations stretched due to furlough, or just over work. Thank you to those who patiently enduring daily newsletters in lieu of a dedicated website. We hope some of the information was of interest and I thank all those who contributed.
The results of the survey are being actively pursued and we have published this morning a fact sheet by Jonathan Manser of Knights solicitors who explains in detail shorthold tenancies and service occupancies. A big thank you to Jonathan; there will be more aspects published in due course as we are aware that housing is of paramount importance to the gamekeeping community.

The challenges we are experiencing go on in gamekeeping - through tighter legislation and under the radar wildlife proposals which are often printed without understanding or proper scrutiny or most of all discussions with those who really know. I salute you for your continued battles and working together where you can. This last is vital for our future.

We have your back where we can - and never hesitate to call us in confidence.