Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week

The focus of this year’s mental health awareness week through the Mental Health foundation is nature. Something we know a lot about and perhaps don’t always appreciate it’s many benefits, especially when contrasting with those who are not able to readily access the beauty and wonders of the countryside. We have grumbled about the many tourists who are visiting the countryside and not always in the best spirit on either side to be honest. Frustration and basic ignorance can grow on whatever side of the fence we are and as always patience, understanding and compassion is the way forward, through many of these situations, though we can’t pretend it is always easy.

I heard Scarlett Moffatt yesterday explaining her desperation in the face of online abuse and how she turned herself round with help from the Samaritans, but not only this she messages those who are abusive and asks if they are ok. This is in the spirit of the good Samaritan and can be demanding, especially if you are busy and faced with someone who does not understand and does not wish to. “Be kind” is a phrase which is used repeatedly and cannot be over emphasised. It does not cost anything to listen and give your time occasionally and smile; it makes us feel better about ourselves and can make the day of someone who is having a tough time or is in need of a kind word.

May is a beautiful time of the year, but also an anxious time for the Uplands and Wild Bird shoots. Optimum conditions are had come by and late snow or excessive rain or cold and sometimes drought can be a killer for newly hatched chicks or adult birds sitting too. Keeping a balance of your feelings and activities can help manage that anxiety and that goes for the whole family. Anxiety and stress can permeate the household and affect everyone.

The Gamekeepers’ Welfare Trust exists to help anyone in the community with any problem they may be concerned about and good mental health is up there as one of the most important factors in all our lives. Our Stag courses and Hind courses continue as well as funding for counselling and just being a listening service at any time. If you would like to know more or we can help you or someone you know – give us a call or email or message. “Being there” is what we do.