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Is it June? - Jun 7, 2024

Is it June?

A mixed bag for us in early June, with showers, sunshine and cool nights if not cold at times.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing springs to mind as I am sad to report losses in our local wildlife this week. The colourful Greater Spotted Woodpecker has decimated our precious House Martins – taking all the newly hatched chicks from at least 10 nests around the house. Furthermore, a Red Kite took a half grown curlew in the meadow opposite us. Then later on a call purporting to be a bank and supposedly reporting a suspicious action was obviously another scam, preying on the unwary.

However, we are becoming more aware of these issues and as a result more prepared and those of us immersed in wildlife observation know the opportunists and how vulnerable some species are as a result, not least the red squirrel or red listed birds. It is no surprise.

As we are now in the middle of an election, we are all conscious of “all not being as it seems”, but we must remain optimistic whilst vigilant in all we do. Our own mental well-being depends on it.

D-Day commemorations remind of us of all that is good in the world as well as all that is not. Selflessness with many taking the ultimate sacrifice; those stories so often untold, are remarkable, each and every one.

Let us take a moment to remember, to take stock and to move forward with pride in what we do, and a knowledge that right will prevail and that our part in protecting our wildlife and environment is something to be proud of, and worth fighting for.

Our work in GWT goes on, and we are constantly working towards supporting more people who may need us, providing information and just being there – that safety net in times of trouble or anxiety.

Thank you as always to those who support us, there have been some incredible fundraisers and please be assured every penny is appreciated, every mention appreciated, and in Volunteers week a big thank you to our team, our volunteers and our nurses. THANK YOU.

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