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Inspiration is Everywhere

Inspiration everywhere!

Its only a few days now before I set off on my mammoth journey which is only possible because of the many gamekeepers and their families who have offered support – a vehicle, a route, and much more including precious time away from the job. Thank you all.

Real inspiration starts on the ground and one example was highlighted as we delivered our Stag training last week to the Southern Pennine Moorland Group. These gamekeepers deal with abuse, damage of traps etc as well as the challenges of an enthusiastic public in the hills and valleys. Education, education, education and a big dose of patience is required. The Yorkshire Dales Group had an inspired idea in providing leads for walkers dogs to minimise the disturbance of nesting birds during the Easter break. Our shooting organisations are constant in their fight against injustice and ignorance. The list goes on.

I would like to pay specific tribute, to the absolutely inspiring Ronald Rose who is now on his fourth day of Walking for Shaun in memory of his friend who took his own life. He has walked over 20 miles per day up to over 3000 ft high on a journey which will take 28 days and cover over 440 hard miles. An amazing feat and all the more humbling since he is raising funds for GWT. Thank you so much Ronald and good luck with every day of your incredible walk.

I would also like to pay tribute to our very own Ruth Kerr who is cutting her hair to raise funds for GWT and the Little Princess Trust who make amazing wigs for children who lose their hair.

Members of the BGA are training hard for their forthcoming challenge in walking up the three National Peaks -a gruelling challenge. Thank you.

There are many other examples and we thank everyone who is, has, or is thinking of taking up challenges for GWT and for others.

We are thinking of those who are still uncertain for their seasons due to bird flu, and everyone who is affected by this and other challenges. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone. Remember sharing a problem helps.

You are all an inspiration.

Thank you and take care all.