Happy New Year

We all say Happy New Year and we hope 2021 is a turning point in our journey together to a new normal after Corvid 19 hit our shores in early 2020. We have all adjusted our home lives and our working lives (some more than others) and been affected in various ways. For those who have lost loved ones there can have been no greater loss and we have mourned with you. For those who have been made redundant or adjusted financially or otherwise we salute your resilience and determination to move forward with a brave and resourcefulness which is astounding. For those who are concerned for their future and the changes we are adjusting to with grouse moors impending licensing, and many other new or expected legal edicts, your organisations and the support of your employers and teams have never been so important. For those who are worried for their future in personal terms, their health, jobs or homes we are with you.

The Trustees and I thank our wonderful team who make everything work together. We thank those who have supported us and helped us reach out to those who may need us for whatever reason. We are a fantastic gamekeeping family, stronger together and rest assured always here to help in a confidential and understanding manner.