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Personal Message to everyone in the Gamekeeping Community

To all gamekeepers, stalkers, ghillies, past present and future and their families

These are uncertain times for everyone but we are fortunate at least to live where we do, with our shoots and estates where we can continue our work with little effects in restrictions around the home at least.

We are encouraged to see so many local activity groups setting up to help individuals and families who are directly affected by the Corona Virus or self isolation.

Apologies to everyone who were attending events and have already pledged support in various ways to the Year of the Gamekeeper. This is continuing but will extend to 2021. There will be much to look forward to, in fact.

We know there are consequences of restrictions in travel both for individuals and for trade, whether cancelled days, chicks and egg deliveries and much more. Please be aware that we understand and will help in any way we can as all the shooting organisations are – pulling together, that’s what we do isn’t it in times of adversity.

In the meantime we wish to reiterate our support to the gamekeeping community. For those affected financially, for those on their own and worried about their enforced self isolation, worried about food supplies, anything at all – call us or contact us and we will help.

Our Trustees are committed to you all, and send a personal message to offer their support.

Thank you