The Gamekeepers’ Welfare Trust – here for keepers and their families – always has and always will

The Gamekeepers’ Welfare Trust has always “been there for gamekeepers, stalkers and ghillies” quietly supporting families who are struggling, and individuals who are going through difficult times.

The report commissioned by the Scottish Government with participants from members of the SGA, SLE & BASC, which has a substantial section focussed on gamekeepers jobs and lives is significant. We know the importance of gamekeepers in terms of their communities and in their work through improving habitat, environment and predator control which benefits farms and forestry as Chairman of the SGA, Alex Hogg has so eloquently explained. That we now have independent evidence which reinforces the report the Gamekeepers’ Welfare Trust undertook in 2019 and which demonstrated the potential vulnerability of gamekeepers and their families is commendable. We are certainly in challenging times at present, with a public and government who undervalue the role of the gamekeeper in rural communities and the countryside as a whole let alone the Corvid 19 outbreak. Let us hope that this report and subsequent action will ultimately change the abuse and misunderstanding which goes on day to day. However never forget that the Gamekeepers’ Welfare Trust has always been on your side, working to improve working and personal lives through information, support and training as well as “being there” at any time.

Our biggest challenge is the pride and independence of the keeper which often inhibits seeking support. The Gamekeepers Welfare Trust is an independent and confidential service. We are part of the keeper’s family and there in hard times. Our services are free and there is no membership fee. Never hesitate to call us anytime.

Jamies’ Helpline: 0300 1233088

Helen M J Benson