Remembering our loved ones is important and there are many ways in which people choose to do so.  As the Gamekeepers’ Welfare Trust we recognise this and have given a space on our website to share precious memories of a relative or friend in our Memory Tree. 

For anyone who wishes to remember their loved ones in this way and who was part of the gamekeeping community, a gamekeeper, stalker, ghillie or relative please send relevant details and we will reserve a special place.  A paragraph containing a eulogy, poem or just a few words can be sent along with a photograph or just the name.
I can't remember my mother's father as he died when I was a few months old. Over the years however, I've heard so much about him and seen so many photos of him that his life has become a lasting source of inspiration and encouragement. For almost as long as I can remember the countryside has been important to me, I've enjoyed working with livestock and especially sheep and I've found great pleasure in shooting and especially training and working my dogs. I've been told by my family that it's all because of my grandfather Alexander ('Sandy') MacPherson - 'it's all in the genes.' Every day I look at the sepia photo of this small figure wearing a tweed jacket and plus fours with one of his working terriers sitting at his feet and feel close to him, inspired by him and I thank God for his lasting influence and memory. Such is the power of photographs and the value of the GWT 'Memory Tree'. I hope it will prove to be as helpful to others in the keepering community as that sepia photo is to me.

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March, 2020
March, 2016

Jonny Graham

When I see

A deer on the hill

Or a fish in the burn

I’ll imagine you

A pheasant in the field

Or a grouse on the moor

I’ll imagine you

A wide open space

Or the bang of a gun

I’ll imagine you

But when I see Eoghan

And Angus and Innes

I do see you

From up on your cloud

Look down at your boys and be proud

We’ll look back and see you

Just now they are lost and alone

Because their daddy can’t come home

How we’d love to see you

I’m not ready yet

But when it’s my time

I will come and see you

Rest in tranquility my dear Jonny